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Dodson & Horrell Pasture Mix - £11.80

Spillers Horse & Pony Cubes - £9.00

Dengie Alfa A Oil - £15.99

Spillers Slow Release Cubes - £10.95

Spillers Conditioning Cubes - £12.00

Spillers Feed Balancer original - £32.49    

Baileys Topline No.4 - £13.42

Dodson & Horrell Just Grass  - £11.20

Beet Pulp Pellets - £9.26

Haylage Silvermoor price start from - £7.05


Hemcore, Rapport & Flaxcore

The bedding is capable of absorbing far more moisture than straw or wood shavings, any wet area to be dug out is much smaller as the bed stays drier for longer.

Makes a good comfortable bed that provides good insulation against cold and protection against injury.

Absorbs ammonia extremely efficiently, reducing the harmful effect on both the horse’s respiratory system and minimising stable odours.

Is fully dust extracted, not only is this vital for horses with respiratory problems but also helps to prevent such problems occurring.

Rots down into a good compost in only a couple of months and create only a small muck heap; this will save you money, not just on the bedding itself, but also the removal of waste.

Is labour saving, staying drier and lasting for longer than conventional materials.

Is conveniently supplied in heat sealed, water tight polythene bags which can be stored outside and are easy to handle.

Eco-friendly being produced from sustainable sources and packaged in recyclable bags.

Flaxcore, Rapport & Hemcore  works  with most animals, especially our three main customer bases, equine, small animals and poultry.

Hemp core -  £8.00 per bale.

Orders over 10 bales - £7.00 per bale.

Hemp core can be ordered in pallets of 60 bales.